1 Rhodochrosite 4 mm Beaded 7" Bracelet SALE 20% OFF #SK7841

$22.40 $28.00 -20% OFF

1 Rhodochrosite 4 mm Beaded 7" Bracelet SALE 20% OFF #SK7841

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$22.40 $28.00 -20% OFF

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A breathtakingly beautiful stone, Rhodochrosite's name comes from the Greek meaning "rose coloring." It is the premier stone for healing and releasing the heart's emotions of grief, memories of abuse, loss, stress, loneliness, and other negative feelings. On the positive energy side, it helps attract a soulmate, opening the heart for love, improves self worth, helps express healthy eroticism, a joyful and uplifting attitude toward life, creative energy and expansion into compassionate unconditional love. It is a "must have" stone for every woman as it resonates with the planet Venus, the Goddess of Love. Wear it as jewelry, especially rings. Keep a larger specimen in the bedroom. Rhodochrosite has a special ability to help find something that is missing or absent.

With our handcrafted crystal healing jewelry, you can wear the energy that supports your desires while also complementing how YOU want to look. We offer a variety of different types and colors so there's something for everyone!

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