Pink Calcite Half Polished Generator #SK7196D

$64.00 $74.00 -14% OFF

Pink Calcite Half Polished Generator #SK7196D

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$64.00 $74.00 -14% OFF

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*Can be used as a lamp, bulb not included.

Calcite is a form of calcium carbonate and the name origin is from the Latin calc meaning limestone. Overall, Calcite of any color is a strong amplifier and cleanser of energy. This makes Calcite one of the premier stones for the home to keep the most positive vibrations in a room and clear any negative forces. Keep Calcites close to promote spiritual growth, psychic awareness, and balance for the intellect and emotions.

A Crystal Generator usually is a cut and polished stone with six equal sides that taper into a point. They are usually wider than crystal towers and have a similar use in directing and amplifying energy. Generators can also be larger than towers or points.

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