Tarot / Oracle Card Reading With Renee - 60 minute Session


Tarot / Oracle Card Reading With Renee - 60 minute Session


This listing is for a 60 minute, private session with Renee at Bliss Crystals Showroom in Temecula, located at 40466 Winchester Road at the Temecula Commons Shopping Center (near Petco).

A Message from Renee: Uncover Divine Wisdom with Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Readings

Greetings on your path to spiritual discovery. I am Renee, an intuitive reader, energy facilitator, and spiritual advisor dedicated to bridging the gap between you and the divine realms. With a profound connection to the angelic realms, spirit, and your personal team of guides, I am here to bring forth messages and guidance tailored uniquely to you.

A Conduit for Angelic and Spiritual Messages

My readings are far more than a simple interpretation of cards. They are a channel through which divine wisdom, angelic messages, and spiritual insights flow. As a medium connected to higher realms, I serve as a bridge, bringing you guidance that is both uplifting and enlightening.

Utilizing Tarot, Oracle cards and divination tools, I tap into the subtle energies surrounding your life. These tools serve as a conduit for personalized messages that address your deepest queries and concerns. Whether you seek guidance on personal growth, life decisions, or spiritual matters, my readings provide clarity and direction.

Tailored Readings for Personal Empowerment

Each session with me is tailored to your unique spiritual journey. I approach every reading with the intent to empower and enlighten, helping you to align with your highest potential. My goal is to leave you with a sense of understanding, peace, and a clear direction forward.

As an energy facilitator, I also focus on balancing and harmonizing your energy fields. This holistic approach enhances the clarity and effectiveness of the readings, ensuring that you not only receive spiritual guidance but also experience a sense of overall well-being.

Embark on a Journey of Divine Discovery

Are you ready to connect with the divine and explore the insights that await you? I invite you to book a session with me. Together, we will delve into the wisdom of the tarot and oracle, uncovering the messages your spirit guides have for you.

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