Cocada Pyrite 4" Rough Cube Specimen #LV1368


Cocada Pyrite 4" Rough Cube Specimen #LV1368

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Size: 4", Approx. 596g

Pyrite is the "Big Daddy" - bold, masculine, the life of the party. Its dynamic energy is the center of attention for your most important goals - prosperity, success, and strength of character. While its gold, glittering appearance has earned the moniker of "Fools Gold" Pyrite is on no fool's errand when it comes to blocking negative energy, danger & harm. It emanates positive energy, uplifts mood, and boosts self-confidence and self-worth. With Pyrite in your crystal toolbox, you can stand on your own and navigate the storms of life with your head held high. Pyrite is an inspirational cheerleader for transforming wall flowers into the belle of the ball or timid mice into roaring tigers. Use Pyrite liberally as an essential in Feng Shui prosperity Bagua or wealth altar.

A rough version of crystal is usually cut from a much larger piece of mined material that is too large or heavy to be used by a person. Rough chunks such as calcites are often acid-washed to subtly smooth out rough edges that may cause cuts or injury and to prevent further flaking or breakage.

Cubic crystals are a geometric, symmetrical three-dimensional shape, either solid or hollow, contained by six equal squares. There are a few naturally occurring crystals in cubic form such as Pyrite. However, most crystal cubes are cut and polished. The cube is associated with the Root Chakra and provide a grounding, stable energy. You can place 4 cubes in each corner of a room or tabletop to protect and energize the space.

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