Carnelian Double Massage Roller 69 gm, 5.8" #LV0100


Carnelian Double Massage Roller 69 gm, 5.8" #LV0100

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Carnelian is known to have powerful energy for the body and mind. It promotes motivation in all aspects of life including all types of well-being. With its invigorating energy it can be used to overcome fearlessness during difficult times or situations that may seem insurmountable at first glance because this stone will give you strength; not only do emotions get uplifted by carnelians' high vibrational rate aka "the blazing sunset", but so does our spirits which are often low due too negativity from past experiences sometimes lasting into adulthood.

For me, Sage is the preferred method of cleansing my crystals (other than sunlight or moonlight) and getting "right" with any environment. Smudging (smoke) is an ancient form of blessing, offering, cleansing, prayer and healing that has come to our modern times from many traditions. I incorporate one of my protective Guru Mantras with the burning leaves when cleansing a space of stale or negative energies. You can also chant a prayer or affirmation when using it. Here's how: Light the end of the bundle with a hot flame (candle, large match, burning log or gas lighter). Hold the originating flame at the end until the leaves catch fire, then gently wave the bundle and the flames will extinguish into embers and the smoke will rise. As you watch the smoke, visualize it doing its spiritual work as your intention will dictate. Be cautious that embers do not fall on any flammable surface. I use an abalone shell to catch any embers and to hold the smoking sage when I am done with moving it in its ritual space. It will naturally extinguish itself after a few minutes but you can light it again should you desire. These bundles will last quite a long time, even when used daily as the leaves are compacted tightly. May you experience many blessings while burning these sacred Sage leaves!

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