Butterfly Fancy AGATE Slabs w Stand 7" Slice #BA45

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Butterfly Fancy AGATE Slabs w Stand 7" Slice #BA45

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$111.00 $159.00 -31% OFF

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You are buying the Collector Quality, Butterfly Agate Slabs + Stand that is pictured.

Size: 7" Length x 4" width x .29" thick
Weight: 884 gm (1 lb 15 oz)

Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight, and color as shown. Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices.

Pretty! Pretty! Fancy Agate is one of those mystery stones with bands, swirls and eddies that defy the imagination. I just love them cut into slabs that are thin enough to let light pass through and highlight their natural beauty, like an artist's canvas.

This beautiful Butterfly design made with 2 oval shaped geode slices with a concentric circle blend of Clear Quartz, Light Blue Lace Agate and a brown Carnelian. It is a potpourri of natural textured design, colors, shapes and lyrical formations that leap out and dazzle your mind. Imagine this beautiful Butterfly made of a set of geode slices on your desk or by bedside and start enjoying the bliss...ah...it is so inspiring to have one nearby. The color and depth does its magic quite nicely.

This specimen can be the center of a crystal display by itself or with other crystal treasures. It includes a custom made Iron stand so it can sit securely on a firm foundation and stand straight up at attention! And attention it will get, just be sure it has a nice natural light or spotlight to do it justice.

Agates represent stability, strength and endurance. It encourages one to persevere, relax and be strong in any adversity. I love Agate also for its decorative splendor and always feel happier when Agates are in my space.

Interesting Note: Agate, Carnelian, Chalcedony are all members of the Quartz family and names are used interchangeably or to denote colors and specialized types.

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