2.6" AMAZONITE Polished Tower w/ Smoky Quartz, Feldspar, and Spinel Inclusions #AZ17


2.6" AMAZONITE Polished Tower w/ Smoky Quartz, Feldspar, and Spinel Inclusions #AZ17

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You are buying the Thick AMAZONITE Polished Tower Crystal that is pictured. This stone has many Inclusions , Including: Smoky Quartz, Feldspar, and Spinel.

Size: 2.6" high x 2.2" width x 1.6" Depth
Weight: 183 gm ( 6.5 oz)

Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight, and color as shown. Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices.

This is a very soothing and beautiful shade of green. I just love this stone! You can see a natural pearly sheen to the stone in bright light as well. Just beautiful! It has a perfectly polished tip, polished smooth and shiny, standing up straight and proud from a flat base. It looks just splendid on the tabletop, all by its perfectly special self! This stone is very special, it is a new find for us! This lovely combination stone is not only Amazonite, but also contains Smoky Quartz ( light grey color), Feldspar ( light pinkish color), and Spinel ( red color).

Notes From My Professional Experience
In my healing practice, I use AMAZONITE frequently as a stone of enhancing communication and intuition at the throat chakra. It can help magnify and clarify one's intention and then be able to speak it clearly. It is a very empowering crystal! It also has an second, important attribute as a filter against negative energy, electromagnetic pollution (computers, cell phones, radiation).

Smoky Quartz is one of my favorite stones as it is a super healer, protective and one of the most grounding (anchoring) stones on the planet.
Overall the energy is quite masculine with a wise, warrior aura. It has seen conflict and survived!

Spinel is a lovely deep gem red color and most famously resembles and is often mistaken for Ruby. It is very helpful for stress relief and those that tend to "over-do" themselves. Spinel brings focus, inspiration, success, and helps to flush out old thought patterns and perspectives - bringing in new ways of seeing things.

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