12 gm Silky CHAROITE Tumbled Stones w Jade (5 - 8 small) Purple Crystal #CS09


12 gm Silky CHAROITE Tumbled Stones w Jade (5 - 8 small) Purple Crystal #CS09

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Super feminine, Silky Charoite small pieces for crafting and collecting. Just imagine what you could make of these beauties!

You are buying a 12 gm Parcel of sweet Charoite Jade Tumbled Stone size Small that is from the lot pictured. These are just gorgeous stones, called Silky Charoite for its pretty swirls of chatoyant purple and hints of Green Jade.

Size: Small (.50" - .75") each stone
Weight: 12 gm = approx 5 - 8 stones average

You will receive 12 gm of different hand picked stones that vary in shape and size (within the ranges stated). This is very beautiful smooth, custom tumbled Charoite mixture that would be a prized addition to any collection. It has a more organic, angular shape with softly polished edges so it feels so wonderful in the hand, you just want to keep touching it. The coloring is so pretty, with swirls of deep purple that melt into lighter violet swirls, almost like a stain glass window. You may see a few small black mineral inclusions here or there which is natural. Charoite is rather difficult to obtain and is mined only in Russia. I guarantee that you will be mesmerized with its beauty and rarity.

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