1 XS Sutured Fire AMMONITE Fossil Chambered Nautilus Whole Shell Suture Ammonite Sacred Geometry Healing Crystal and Stone #FA24


1 XS Sutured Fire AMMONITE Fossil Chambered Nautilus Whole Shell Suture Ammonite Sacred Geometry Healing Crystal and Stone #FA24

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Baby size and so so twinkly bright! The camera does not pick up every rainbow flash, but each of these gorgeous little shells has at least one bright red, yellow or green Fire point. I have hand picked them and they are the ideal size for making jewelry or a powerful medicine bag.

You are buying ONE (1) Extra Small Sutured Fire Ammonite Whole Shell Fossil from the same lot as the shells pictured. This is a super sweet small polished fossil from Madagascar. Each one has a patterned or striped suture (like fern leaves) natural design and at least one "fire" rainbow tiny sparkle (red, green or yellow). It is stunning and a beautiful specimen for a medicine bag or healing grid and the ideal size for jewelry crafting. If you would like a matched sized pair, just leave a note with your order and we can hand pick for you.

There is nothing better for creating a soothing Feng Shui atmosphere than Ammonite Shell. It carries the water energy, very feminine and beautiful. Because of its ancient origins, it is also used in ancestor and lineage work.

Size: Extra Small = Approx .50" - .75" length x .22" thicknes (all natural shells so dimensions could vary slightly)
Color: Natural light gold to dark brown with ivory, gold, tan patterns, with tiny flashes of red, yellow or green "fire"

These fossilized shells are a now extinct species of Cephalopod mollusk which lived in the oceans between 100 to 600 million years ago - some even older than the dinosaurs! Their modern ancestors include the octopus, squid, cuttlefish and nautilus. The name Ammonite originates from the Egyptian Ram-Horned god Ammon.

Ammonite represents the infinite natural cycles of the Earth and Universe, and helps to remind us of our role in these cycles. It helps shift any negative energy into a more positive flowing spiral of energy, and is a powerful karmic cleanser as well.
Wonderful for meditation and spiritual work, it will help you journey deep into your center.

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