1 XL RHODONITE Pebble Polished Grade A Palm Stone for Compassion Forgiveness #RP70


1 XL RHODONITE Pebble Polished Grade A Palm Stone for Compassion Forgiveness #RP70

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Naturally Rose...that is Rhodonite...all pink and rosey swirled together with high contrast black mineral bands. Breathtakingly beautiful and truly one of my favorite healing and recovery stones. Ahhh, beauty and brains together in one.

You are buying One of the gorgeous RHODONITE Polished Pebbles from the lot pictured. This is a extra quality grade of Rhodonite from Madagascar. It is smooth and shiny with great contrasting color and pattern and a hefty size to use as a massage stone, palm stone or altar focal piece. Both sides are equivalent and finished.

Size: Extra Large = Approx: 1.8" length x 1.4" width x .89" thickness
Weight: approx 89 gm (3 oz)
Shape: Thick oval pillow palm type
Color: Rose with heavy black and brown netting

Rhodonite is my "go to" stone for heart healing, compassion and forgiveness. It's what we all need! If you have a person in your life that is vengeful, Rhodonite can turn back revenge and ill wishing. Just place it in front of anything representing that person and dedicate the stone to working on that problem without any desire on your part to harm them. It can do the work while you relax and let go.

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