1 TANZANITE Tumbled Stone Genuine Semi Precious Stone, Select Sizes #TT12



9 - 10 gm 7 - 8 gm 11 - 12 gm 13 - 14 gm

1 TANZANITE Tumbled Stone Genuine Semi Precious Stone, Select Sizes #TT12

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9 - 10 gm 7 - 8 gm 11 - 12 gm 13 - 14 gm

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You are buying One (1) Genuine TANZANITE Tumbled Stone that is from the lot pictured.

7 - 8 gm / Approx .80" = 1.0" across
9 - 10 gm / Approx .84" - 1.0" across
11 - 12 gm / Approx .82" - 1.2" across
13 - 14 gm / Approx 1.09" - 1.3" across

Color: True Tanzanite dark Blue, natural color not heat treated
Origin: Tanzania

Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight, and color as shown. Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices.

Gem Quality Tanzanite is so very rare and usually priced out of reach for most crafters! These genuine Tanzanite tumbled stones will fit the bill for most metaphysical uses, jewelry and crafting projects. So indulge! True Gem Quality this size could run many $1000's or more.

My source for raw Tanzanite stone is impeccable and a longtime partner so I am more than certain of their ethical origin and authenticity. It is all natural and has not been treated or altered except for hand polishing. This stone has incredible color and semi-translucency that is beyond expectations for a tumbled stone. Gorgeous! These are priced by weight.

I so love Tanzanite for its exquisite, unique color which is an angelic blue, semi-translucent and the high spiritual vibration. It is known to link one to the Ascended Masters through the Third Eye and support transmutation through the Violet Flame. It is one of the premier crystals for developing psychic gifts such as telepathy, clairaudience, deep meditation, shamanic journeying and manifesting. Tanzanite is one of my favorite stones to recommend to "workaholics" (guilty as charged!) so they can slow down and smell the roses.

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