1 Large Titanium Aura Rose Quartz Tower Healing Crystal and Stone #TA16


1 Large Titanium Aura Rose Quartz Tower Healing Crystal and Stone #TA16

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You are buying ONE (1) Titanium Aura ROSE QUARTZ Tower from the same lot as pictured.

Size: Approx 1.3" - 1.7" height

Natural Stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight and color. Picture color and clarity may vary on different monitors, mobile devices and color settings.

These are high quality stones with a glass-like, mirror finish of colorful rainbows (yet completely opaque.) The colors of blue, gold, and purple (with hints of pink and green) cover the tower on all sides with an even coating - it is so stunning and feels truly magical from every angle, 360!

Rose Quartz is known as the "Love Stone" for self esteem or in relationship with others. It has a very positive energy and is a primary healing stone. Rose Quartz is my favorite metaphysical tool to summon True Love, Romance and Partnership. The bottom of these towers have been left natural so be sure to see the soft pink hidden beneath the base.

This very special Towers have been treated with a vacuum, laboratory process where Titanium (and sometimes Cobalt) are bonded to the natural stone surface with heat and pressure resulting in a rainbow like and spectacular iridescence. This appearance of two or more colors is called "dichroic." While some people do not care for the "man-made" aspect of this color, I enthusiastically embrace and use it to full advantage! Like Mother Earth who mixes many minerals together with heat and pressure naturally, this Aura process is a respectful emulation of Her own process with the Titanium mineral. It looks and feels simply divine!

Notes in my Professional Experience
In my experience Titanium Aura holds the metaphysical energies of healing, abundance, cleansing, amplitude and psychic enhancement. This mineral is also famed for its strength and beauty. As an Aura treatment, it encourages deep meditation and spiritual attunement. Its beauty inspires joy and positive energy. As a high vibration element, It supports psychic and spiritual work such as mediumship, telepathy and working within the aura for cleansing and healing.

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