FIRE AGATE Palm Stone "Thumb" Stone, w Chalcedony #FA50


FIRE AGATE Palm Stone "Thumb" Stone, w Chalcedony #FA50

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You are buying One (1) beautiful FIRE AGATE Thumb Palm Stone that is from the same lot as pictured.

Size: Large = Approx 1.9" Long x 1.5" wide x .35" deep

The primary color is a warm, firey orange - with some translucency - and some stones have swirling colored eyes or bands of white, orange. tan and/or light blue. While they do not have a specific "fire" spot as in the extremely expensive and rare gem-quality Fire Agates, these are very warm and beautiful and are indeed real Fire Agates. This is an unusual mix of translucent to semi-translucent stones with various patterns from crackles to swirls. Fire Agate is a member of the Chalcedony family so some stones are very translucent while others more opaque.

These stones are made from all-natural Fire Agate and have been polished very smooth into an organic rounded shape, with a thumb indent and are breathtakingly beautiful! The color is completely natural too, just amazing what Mother Nature can do with her magical paintbrush!

Fire Agate has been traditionally used by Native Americans as a stone of courage, motivation and strength.

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