Connect to Embodiment, Clarity and Heart Wisdom with Abigail, Shamballa Intuitive Healer

Hello I am Abigail, a seasoned practitioner in the arts of intuitive guidance, channeling, tarot reading and Shamballa Reiki energy. With a heart-centered approach, my mission is to serve as a beacon of clarity, assisting you in breaking through limiting mindsets and embracing the harmonious integration of the divine and physical realms.

Embarking on a Spiritual Odyssey:

In the realm of tarot reading, each card holds a story waiting to be unveiled—a narrative of your past, present, and potential future. My expertise lies in interpreting these ancient symbols to provide you with profound insights into your life's journey. Through intuitive guidance, I tap into the energies that surround you, offering personalized advice and illuminating the path ahead.

Channeling Divine Wisdom:

As a channeler, I act as a conduit between the earthly and spiritual planes, receiving messages from higher consciousness to guide and inspire you. These messages often serve as beacons of light, offering clarity in times of uncertainty and solace during moments of challenge.

Shamballa Reiki Energy Healing:

The ancient healing art of Shamballa Reiki is woven into my practice, infusing sessions with balancing and harmonizing energy. This spiritual energy work aims to restore equilibrium within your mind, body, and spirit, promoting a sense of well-being and fostering spiritual growth. I offer this as an add on for our Halotherapy Salt Room sessions. 

Navigating the Heart-Centered Path:

Approaching each reading with profound compassion and empathy, I create a safe and welcoming space for you to explore the depths of your soul. The heart-centered approach I embrace ensures that you feel supported, seen and understood, fostering an environment conducive to transformative change.

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