Kambaba Jasper DT Wand (appx 2.4"/28g) #SK5171


Kambaba Jasper DT Wand (appx 2.4"/28g) #SK5171

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This stone is also known as Fossilized Stromatolite or Crocodile Jasper. It is simply gorgeous! These wonderful tumbled stones are polished smooth and have an exhilarating pattern of bullseyes, stripes and swirls of all hues of green.  This type is also called "Crocodile" Jasper because it somewhat resembles crocodile skin.  They are just so fascinating and pretty, and of course all natural and all one-of-a-kind.  Kambaba Jasper is one of the best stones for connecting or re-connecting to Earth Energy and Mother Nature.

The wand shape can be naturally occurring or a cut and polished long, shaft shape with or without a pointed end(s). Crystal Wands are highly prized by crystal healers and other energy workers as a ritual tool, as a way to remove blockages, cleanse large areas either around the body or the environment and as a way to direct energy to a specific area.

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