Gold CALCITE Tumbled Stone, aka Citrine Calcite, Yellow Gem #CC18


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Gold CALCITE Tumbled Stone, aka Citrine Calcite, Yellow Gem #CC18

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Size by Weight

Large Extra Large Jumbo

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A BIG golden dollop of sunshine to brighten your day! This gorgeous gemstone has so many names: Citrine Calcite, Honey Calcite, Golden Calcite, Yellow Calcite...take your pick on what it looks and feels like to you. No matter the name, it is a stunning, all natural, brilliant, translucent golden color with dazzling light reflection. And SOOOOO pretty!

You are buying ONE (1) Collector Quality, HONEY CALCITE Tumbled Stone that is from the same lot as the Calcites shown in the picture. You can choose from sizes above. Size is based on weight - the larger chunky ones are heavier. The lighter ones are smaller in dimensions and not as thick.

Large = Approximately 10 - 14 gm (about .80" - 1")
Extra Large = Approximately 15 - 20 gm (about 1" - 1.2" more chunky)
Jumbo = Approximately 21 - 26 gm (about 1" - 1.2" more chunky)
This listing is by weight not dimension so dimensions may vary.

This is a gorgeous lot of very warm, sparkling crystals. There are many translucent areas that reflect light and remind one why it is most often called "Citrine" calcite... because it has that glow like Citrine, but it is pure Calcite. You may see rainbows and light reflecting internal fractures that make these stones seem even more alive! This beautiful golden Calcite is a very desirable color and it would be a great add to any crystal collection. In particular this type of Calcite is good for students and those who are learning and studying.

In general, Calcites as a group are strong amplifiers and cleansers of energy. They are great for Feng Shui and keeping the most positive vibrations in a room and helpful for promoting spiritual growth and psychic awareness. Calcites are known to balance the intellect and emotions, connecting them for what is called "emotional intelligence."
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