FAIRY Stone Concretion "Animal Totem" Formation, Gaia Fossilized Clay Specimen 1 Small #FS40

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FAIRY Stone Concretion "Animal Totem" Formation, Gaia Fossilized Clay Specimen 1 Small #FS40

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$11.40 $19.00 -40% OFF

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You are buying One (1) Collector Quality, Fairy Stone Concretion that is from the same lot as the stones pictured.

Size: Approximately 1.5" length across

Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight, and color as shown. Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices.

Fairy Stone is like watching clouds and imagining the shapes as anthropomorphic and zoomorphic stylized figures. You might see a voluptuous Mother Goddess or a Phallus or a Mother Swaddling her Baby or a soaring Spirit Being...or maybe Animal Totem. What you see is...what you see!

Also known as Imatra Stones, these amazing stones are a form of fossilized clay from Quebec and quite different than the ones found in Morocco. I just love them and relish the light grey color, imagining them rising from mud flats in the primordial forests. Chances are though that they formed from ancient oceans millions of years ago and their antiquity is quite apparent. This stone is cool and smooth and feels amazing in my hand. I keep a Fairy Stone as a central figure on my Goddess Altar and often meditate with one, gently rubbing its curves and undulations as it soothes my soul.

Perhaps one of these will speak to you. Each is a rounded more flat style stone similar on both sides in beautiful soft grey colors.

The term "concretion" is often used with Fairy Stone as it means a hard mass usually in spherical or ovoid shape that is built up over time with layers massing together in sedimentary rock. You can just imagine how this beautiful, sensual shape was created over Millenium with water and sand, heat and pressure. Just another example of Mother Nature's incredible artistry.

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